I Have Arrived!

I’ve had a lot on my mind as of late, and to wake up one morning and have your blog of current residence be just GONE, with no warning?  Horrifying.  But anyone with a blog knows that already.  The eternal fear that it will disappear.

Anyway let me start of by saying I most definitely did not pick this name.  I would never toot my horn so much as to call myself a hamburger or hot.  I’m sure my comrade will eventually post some sort of photo of one of us at which point you can decide which part of the title you think I am.

Anyway the main purpose (but certainly not only purpose) of this blog is to talk about food.  The way it tastes, smells, looks.  If it is treated with respect or dishonor. So on and so forth.  In honor of that, I’ll tell you about my most recent food experience.  It was 20 minutes ago and I ate cold leftover spaghetti out of the pot standing in my kitchen.  From here on out, I will most likely refrain sharing such enchanting stories in favor of sharing more interesting stories. But rest assured, no matter how famous or rich or fancy I might some day become, there will always been those drunken nights where I make spaghetti at 3 in the morning and leave it in the fridge, and there will always be those hung over mornings that I thank my drunken self for being so wise.

Furthermore, I have a cat.  And I’m not afraid to talk about him.

Also, I’m a semi-pretentious culinary student and I get pissed off a lot.  ENJOY!



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