Those Weeks.

Ever have one of those weeks that just blows?

It’s like you get rejected from 15 jobs, you pull 14 hours at the school (on top of your normal classes) and then another 10 on your day off and you get dumped (or you dumped depending on the story) your 2.5 year relationship, and you’ve been sick for 8 weeks and it just won’t fucking stop? And on top of that you gave up on someone who was really special to you.

And then you wake up and you realize “hey, I’ve pretty much fucked up this whole quarter, there goes my GPA,”  and you get rejected from 10 more jobs, and your house just gets messier and messier and you’re washing your clothes in a bathtub because you don’t have time to get cash to get quarters to do laundry, let alone time to DO LAUNDRY.

And your cat hates you because every spare minute you have, you sleep.  And some random kid told you all about his horrible, horrible life for seemingly no reason, which just almost made you cry because it was so fucking sad and horrible.  And then at that moment you feel so fucking alone in the world you want to die, your laundry that’s drying on the radiator mixes with some magical breeze coming in the window and it smells like your best friends house from when you were in high school.  It smells like a place where you were always safe and always welcome and where you were loved.  So you text your best friend.  And guess what?  She just got dumped too.  And she’s taking it way worse than you.

So you comfort her and push all your shit aside.  And then you realize once again that you’re so fucking alone, but then your other friend calls you and is like “I’m so lost, I have no idea what I’m doing with my life, I have everyone who’s around me,” and instead of saying “I told you so, and btw I feel like shit too,” you act like a good friend and you suck it up again and do the whole comfort thing and push your shit aside.

And then you go to a stupid expensive class that you hate and GUESS WHAT PEOPLE, YOUR OTHER FRIEND JUST FOUND OUT HER LIVE IN SIGNIFICANT OTHER IS CHEATING ON HER.  You’ve never seen this bitch so much as wince, and she looks like she’s going to cry, so you do the whole comfort thing again.  And then you get home and you’re just about to suck down half a bottle of NyQuil and slip into dream land when your phone rings.

Who could it be?  Someone texting you to tell you that you are wonderful and attractive and funny and witty?  Oh hell no, it’s another person texting you to tell you that they are unhappy with life.  Yes, they too would like some joyful words from the person who has a seemingly endless stream of joyful thoughts to spew out into other people’s heads.  So you spew some cheer over there.

And then finally, you realize “wow, a week has gone by” and then you just fucking cry.  You cry your little heart out.  You sob to the left and to the right.  You try out the fetal position for a bit, which is pretty nice.  You blow your nose on your blankets because you’re too fucking pathetic to get up to get a tissue.  Your cat is embarrassed for you, and leaves the room (how kind of him).  And then you stop, get up, smoke a cigarette, drink that NyQuil and move on with your fucking life.

Yep, it’s been one of those weeks.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I have been eating like a fucking king.  I ate $30 worth of sushi yesterday (it was all very good, from Mikawa) and then I ate Thai food today, and tomorrow I plan on eating at least 3 chili cheese something or others off of the Broad Street and Sansom food cart. (It’s my favorite, they’re friendly.  They let me put chili on everything).




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