New Blog

So… A new blog huh? Well my other one magically disappeared and it was a very sad day. I made this new one but didn’t feel much like writing because of the grieving over the lost post of old. But I see my partner in crime (Sheepgotoheaven) over there has been very happy to write here. So that’s a positive note.

How about this theme and background? Isn’t it weird and funky and awesome? I love it. It’s so random. The background is a one and only painting by Sheepgotoheaven with minor help from me Kotton. And I had to choose this theme, what is up with the heading pictures? It has three random ones, blue, green and red with a random picture on all. I picked this because I am random. I am not sure what my PIC (partner in crime) thinks about it, but as long as she can write and be angry I feel like it is okay.

So who I am you ask? Well I’m Kotton. I am random, I will pick up and move overnight, I am obsessed with hamburgers and want to open my own burger place. You will probably see a lot on burgers on this blog, hence the name. On top of that I love all food. So you get that as well. You also get very random rants, dirty words, and probably some post at 3 am due to me and my insomnia.

Have fun and enjoy reading all this mumbo-jumbo.  Also Sheepgotoheaven is a broke college student so that background painting is for sale, oh yea we went there. 200 bucks and it is yours and you will be supporting an education of a future chef. Check it out.




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