Notes, Thoughts, and Convo.

I take notes all day and I need a place to jot them down. Simple enough? Welcome to my thoughts. And pay no mind to the conversation, it will be offensive sometimes and a tad bit creepy.

  • My to-do list is never done.
  • Stop playing it safe.
  • Losing your parking ticket will be a tad more expensive.
  • “I could move to New Mexico.  And be a New Mexican.”
  • Me: You might say Owen is the Ray Charles of flatbread making. Chris:  Why, because it looks like a blind dude made em?
  • Daniel: What up girl, you wanna make 2 dollars the hard way.
  • Reason #5 that hot girl in the dining is crazy? She’s always alone.
  • mid rare to medium doesn’t exist
  • (A tall hot girl walks by)… Chris: Why not? Me: Because she is twice your size. Chris: So? Phil is twice my size. Me: ?…
  • That well done burger? Yeah, it’s not gonna be done right away.
  • Word of the week is Bone, Boning, Boned, – Can’t a guy just bone down and then fix some chili cheese dogs. It Sucked! While I was boning her down all I smelt was her mustache. I heard she boned you down?
  • Insomnia and Alcohol




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