What? (And Thai Food)

So in the pit of my recent despair, I somehow managed to land a job.  I mean really, after the (no exaggeration) 100’s of jobs I have applied for in my 6 months in this city, and I get one when I walk into an interview dripping wet from rain and with zero confidence.  And it’s an awesome job.

But moving on, A TRIBUTE:

On our old blog, I had recently posted an oh-too-fabulous rant titled “That embarrassing moment when…” followed by a list of embarrassing things stupid people do.  (yep.)

Example: That embarrassing moment when a 2nd quarter culinary student doesn’t know what Asiago cheese is (and pronounces it wrong).

How strange I picked that example… totally at random.


Change the above example to:

That awkward moment when a 2nd quarter culinary student doesn’t know what Asiago, feta, or fresh mozzarella are.
That awkward moment when said culinary student pronounces Asiago wrong, and proceeds to tell you fresh mozzarella “doesn’t taste like anything” and gives you a weird look after you explained its delicious merits for several minutes.

What a shame.

Uh I ate Thai food three times in 36 hours. (Although the last one doesn’t really count because the meal was mostly liquid).

We shall start from the beginning:

Bangkok Thai 9 is a fairly small place.  It’s flanked by a sushi place and a korean BBQ place, which is interesting to me (I’m not going to go into my feels on why that is at this moment)
I don’t hear a lot of nice things about this place to be honest.  No one I’ve ever gone there with has liked it or wanted to go back.  But I like it.
Yep, I like the place.  Sure it isn’t the “most authentic Thai food in Philly,” but that’s like saying the “Main Moon, Red Sun, Rising Sun, Great Wall, No.1 Chinese, Happy Family” place every town invariably has isn’t good because it isn’t authentic.  Who cares, it still tastes good.  It’s one of those places where you have to take it for what it is.

I’ve been here a few times now, and it’s predictable.  This most recent time I got shrimp Panang Curry, which I asked for the kitchen to make spicy (like every other time I’ve ordered anything there) and which was most certainly not spicy (it never is).  Oh well.

Will you have an awakening of food when you eat here?  No.  But will you get an appetizer, soup, and entree, and a drink for less than $10 at lunch.  Yes Sir you will.  And will it taste GOOD? YES SIR IT WILL.

Moving on:
Erawan is a Thai restaurant near my school.  There is also one in China town, but I’ve never been there. I’ve been to this Erawan twice now however.  They also have a nice lunch special (which I got.)  I went for wonton soup (I just love wonton soup so much I get it from anywhere), a salad, and drunken noodle (my favorite Thai dish).  Like Bangkok Thai 9, there will be no grand moment when you eat this food.  You won’t be over come by emotions when you taste the food (unless the last time you ate there was with your now ex-boyfriend, like me.)  Erawan is better than Bangkok though.  The food has more thought behind it and tends to be less greasy.  The dishes tend to be more complex and (I would say) tastier.  And it has a much more visually appealing interior.  You ask for spicy, you get spicy.  It’s a good spot.

My Thai is an incredibly cute little place down on South Street.    I’ve been there twice now, but hardly eaten a thing either time.  My first experience I missed the meal and made in just in time to have some drinks and eat someone else’s left over dinner (which was Pad Thai and it was pretty good!)  The second time was similar.  Myself and a few of my peers popped in for some drinks after our late class.  The kitchen was closed, but the waitress there (who I’ve come to think of as probably the funniest/friendliest waitress in the city) offered to make us something as long as it didn’t require frying or ovens.  We ended up with a trio of steamed dumplings, which were delicious.  And of course, a few of their signature cocktails (which are also really fabulous by the way.)  My Thai is by far my favorite of all three.

I went to none of these places with the intention of reviewing, but since I went to three similar places in two days I figured I should compare and contrast.  I don’t have “grades” for these places, just order:

1. My Thai

2. Erawan

3. Bangkok Thai 9

That’s all.



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