I lied to you dear readers (that is if there are any of you out there who are reading this because you’re interested in our thoughts as opposed to reading this in a stalker like fashion).  I lied to you on two accounts.  The first will be explained by the second.

Firstly, I promised I would follow-up my last horrible “article” (pictures of hot men) immediately with a review of a restaurant.

Secondly, I promised you it was going to be a “super fabulous” restaurant and sorry every other reviewer in the world, but it just wasn’t.  Which is why I put off writing about it for so very long.

Yes, I’m talking about Zahav.  It’s every Philly food reviewers favorite place to gush over.  It’s been called one of the best places to eat in Philly.  People (for some reason) have been talking about the closing of Le Bec Fin and the rise of Zahav in the same articles frequently.  But I just disagree with the over abundance of praise.

Yes, the food was good.  It had a nice atmosphere.  The staff was pretty nice.  In short, there was nothing wrong with the place.  I would eat there again even.   It just did not blow my mind.

The food at Zahav is exactly what Zahav promises it will be.  It is a mash-up of common Israeli foods and a few new ideas, flavors, and techniques.

It has just been over sold.  My perspective on food and/or life did not change after eating there.  I didn’t learn a lot about a particular culture.  There is no dish that stands out among the others.  There is no dish with a siren call summoning me back there.

I don’t really have a lot else to say about the place.  I’m not saying don’t go there, I’m just saying don’t go there with hopes of having a food epiphany.

Zahav gets a 90 out of 100.

-2 points for being the golden child of the media

-5 points for their high prices

-3 points for their desserts




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