The post about the other post…

So the post about the other post huh? I don’t know what the shit I mean by it anymore than you do. I do have other post that I have started but haven’t finished and now will probably be moved to the trash can. The last draft I had, “Infomercials are racist” was a catch-all for nothingness. Also, I thought most of the nothingness deserved less than par blog post. So, rest in peace “Infomercials are racist”. Some of the things from the other post:

  • Fuck pillows.
  • All the comments are in German, what the hell.
  • Take your good with your bad. This too shall pass.
  • Two to many bong hits have made me question if I’m using two, too, to correctly. Probably not but fuck it.
  • Trying to figure out if I want this post to get weirder or more random? hmm…maybe both.
  • A rabbits screams are terrifying.

Before all that junk was a few details and pictures of dinner that night, but since its been a few nights I have a few more dinners to show.

And currently you cannot see those pictures because I’m having an issue uploading them from my phone. I am also way to lazy to get up and get a cord. Will post those later.

I did however find 96 post that were backed-up from old blog so here is a food poem for you from the past. It’s called Oatmeal. Bitches.

Life is like, a bowl of instant oatmeal,
seeded, grown, dried, cooked with so much haste,
there is little time, ere we reach death’s seal,
it must be consumed, without any waste.

To some, it may seem depressing and bland,
yet adding these special ingredients,
love, laughter, empathy, can make it grand,
a skilled chef though, commands self sapience.

Existence may be, a nourishing dish,
it must be prepared, spiced with fight and care,
failure to do so, leaves little relish,
but, it can be lived, if you take the dare.

Life is like, a bowl of instant oatmeal,
drab or supreme, if you don’t let fear steal.

Oh shit I think I found a way to get to my pictures on the phone. Argh, never mind I guess I’ll have to break down and a buy a new charger.

I’m going to add some things to the blog over the next week, time to maximize my randomness and be honest, you don’t have nearly enough to click on. I plan on adding quite a few more pages. What would you like to see?

I’m  done with this sorry excuse for a post but I will leave you with a parting picture.

It took a hot minute and more work than I want to do to put pictures in post right now.

What the fuck is a Jujube and who the fuck wants fat-free candy?




2 responses to “The post about the other post…

  1. Haha, that German thing is from my comment when I posted the Flo-Rida video Wild Ones on Facebook and I read through some of the comments on Youtube realizing they were all written in German.

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