Mother F’n Loco Moco!

Ah, the Loco Moco, translation: Crazy Snot. This is a staple fast food on the Hawaiian islands, if the internet is to be believed. The traditional food isn’t typically on a bun, it is loosely based on the garbage plate from Rochester, New York. Thanks Sheepgotoheaven. I wanted to put it on a bun and add a pineapple ring, yummy. Sticky rice, fried egg and pork gravy round out the rest of the burger and of course the burger patty. Enough of that right? On to the ramblings.

  • Mouse-trapping chickens.
  • I’ve got this furniture idea I am trying to figure out, I have some kind of creative block spell put on me.
  • Wait for it…bog hit.
  • I meant bong hit.
  • I’ve got this other random idea, nothing original but I want to have a restaurant bucket list as you already see in header above but I want to add other ideas to it to make it more public and socially helpful. Like different ways to add to the list and mark them off. If you have suggestions or additions feel free to let me know here. Also you can like us on Facebook and send your comments and suggestions there, it’s new and empty. Might as well get a Twitter and Email as well.
  • Defog is a word? Word Whomp pisses me off, it’s called defrost, hence defroster.
  • Bong hit.
  • I want to make 50 burgers that represent the states. Can I tie that in to the Bucket of Food? Oh I can and I will.
  • This post isn’t weird enough and doesn’t have nearly enough foul language so might as well end it now before something bad happens.
  • I feel like the weed I smoked was planted in dirt where a leprechaun died.

Do I usually end on a note? I don’t know, but I do like the ending of the Springer show.




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