Did you ever wonder?

Did you ever wonder…

  • Shit, I forgot what I was wondering.
  • Stupid last bong hit.

Dinner tonight was nothing special but kinda weird. I was reading a blog post earlier that mentioned the old standby, spaghetti for dinner.

Anyway back to dinner.

  • I like to add random shit to pasta to jazz the old standby up a bit.
  • I diced some chicken breast, them boneless, skinless ones you find in your local market. More than likely the local market disappeared a few years back and replacing it was a Walmart. But I do hear farmers markets are making a comeback. About 5 dollars for 3 breast.
  • I seasoned the chicken with the cheapest salt, pepper, garlic salt and red pepper flakes that the finest Dollar Store has to offer.
  • I then cooked the chicken in an oil based Italian dressing, the finest said Wal-Mart has to offer. Cook until threat of salmonella is diminished.
  • Then I added 2 cans of off-brand cream of mushroom soup to the chicken with about a half cup more of dressing.
  • Add pasta and mix.

  • Then if your bored go back for seconds, but this time add a red sauce like marinara. Just as good I promise.

  • You can also load it up with cheddar cheese and pop it in oven or microwave and bake that shit. I did, it was amazing with a little ranch dressing. Yummalicious. And yes, the seconds were put on same plate, don’t judge.
  • I’m done with this post, fuck it.
  • I’m watching you Turkey Hill!




One response to “Did you ever wonder?

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