If you name it you can’t eat it?

It’s an old saying I think. But I disagree with it. I don’t eat burgers without names. I made this awesome burger a couple moons ago and I want to eat it again but I can’t without it having a name.

It has a grass fed beef patty, 2 strips of bacon, 4 slices of deli turkey, slice of pepper jack cheese, 2 eggs, mustard and ranch dressing, slice of american cheese. Don’t forget the bread. Why 2 eggs you ask? Well I felt it was something Chuck Norris would do and most of my life decisions are based on that idea. Would Chuck Norris do it? Then sign me up. I don’t want to name it Chuck Norris, cause that’s lame and he will sue more than likely. Pussy!

I want it to have a badass awesome name, so help me out will ya? Need a close up?

There are a few ways you can help me here. You can name it in the comment section. You can like us on Facebook and name it there. It will be the profile picture so click and name there. It will be there for a while ha, I need some likes, it’s getting lonely in here. Same as for twitter, its new and needs followers tweet your name for the burger. We will take the ones we like and let you, the imaginary people who read this vote for your favorite. So help me out you motherfuckers. This name will go on the menu, who cares if its dirty, dirtier the better.

  • Since Jesus could walk on water and humans are 78% water, does that mean if I walk on someone I’m 78% Jesus?
  • Before I eat goldfish I like to drink a whole bottle of water so they have plenty of room to swim around.
  • I’m high!
  • Leftover pie. Wait, does leftover count as 2 words? Left over. Leftover.
  • Interact with all my shit above please. Goodnight. Might walk on some people tomorrow.




2 responses to “If you name it you can’t eat it?

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