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Jesus would eat my burgers!

I say some pretty messed up things sometimes. This post more than likely wont have anything to do with Jesus eating my burgers, even though he totally would. More or less random shit. Insomnia is a bitch.

  • I had a kitten once, but an owl took off with it. I haven’t liked owls since then. As usual per every-night I am thinking about burgers and how much shit I can put on them. Light bulb! I’ll make an owl burger, that’s probably some exotic shit. Google…Can you eat owls? If Google tells me I can eat owl that species is in trouble.
  • Well owls for now are safe. Apparently they are protected here in the U.S. I will investigate further. I got a little sidetracked at the bottom of the page it had a section of links of similar questions to mine. Can the smell of a stink bug rot your brain? And will you die? I have to click that link. Anyone who is still reading this would click it, hell the only reason you clicked here was the title. You had to see what kinda burgers Jesus would eat, or what the fuck kinda post warranted that title. There’s a famous saying “Curiosity killed the cat” I wonder if that was someones pet owl named Curiosity.
  • Sometimes writing is hard!
  • If you cook, and you order your burger MW, we need to have a chat.
  • I ate a burger at 445 am. I call it breakfast even though I haven’t slept yet. It was a bacon, egg, and cheeseburger.
  • Hey dude, if I go into Home Depot without a list I’m in trouble.  I’ll come out of there with a nail gun and a cashier.
  • Prosciutto and pancetta are not the same thing.  Who knew?
  • I used to work at a pizza hut call center. That job sucked.
  • When did it become cool for hipsters to try to look like Nicholas Cage in Raising Arizona?
  • Well if this was a love story…
  • I’m kinda in a writing funk so I like this bullet thought style, it’s my thought’s notes and convo just with a different title. The title is just there to peak  your interest.
  • I’m lame, I’m going to try to nap before work. Fuck its six thirty in the morning.
  • That burger was delicious.
  • Hopefully I will write something interesting later.