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I see you walking by.

This sentence is a lie.

The below sentence is true.

The above sentence is a lie.

How the hell do you describe a color?

Sometimes when I’m high…

  • I like to walk down long secluded roads with a backpack on and a sword in hand, just to pretend I’m one of the last survivors of a zombie apocalypse

Uncle Jack is back.

  • #9 – there’s folks say we humans
    are natural-born monsters
    an its up ta society ta try
    ta restrain us as best it can
    with law an religion an such

    an then there’s folks say we humans
    are natural-born angels
    an its up ta society ta try
    ta help us reach our potential
    an not foul us up too much

    it’s a hard subject alright
    but from what i have seen
    I kinda think the truth
    lies somewhere between.

Told you he was back.

I would rather be weird as fuck than boring as fuck.

This burger needs a name –

Read this link for info on naming… Click me bitches!

The burger has an 8oz free range beef patty. Slice of Cheddar Cheese. An orange slice. 3 pieces of bacon. 2 onion rings and more of my experimental dressing. It’s a creamy, spicy southwestern poppy-seed mustard. How can I shorten that?

Bong hit!





The Sutter

The Sutter –

So the bun on The Sutter is a cinnamon raisin bagel. Sandwiched in between this bagel is an 8oz burger patty, 2 pieces of bacon,  a slice of cheese, then atop the cheese is one waffle, drizzled onto the waffle is a very sweet maple Dijon and to finish it off, topped with an over medium egg.

That’s it you say? Well I am experimenting with The Sutter version Hungry-man! You get everything above but we are adding some things. That 8oz burger patty is now a 10oz patty consisting of ground beef and chorizo. You now add 2 sausage links split and layered flat and a layer of Scrapple. If that doesn’t kill you quicker, I don’t know what will. Pictures coming soon after I digest those two above and cook two more.

What’s up with the name The Sutter? Well it looks like it’s something a Sutter I know would eat. That same Sutter is in love with The Garbage Plate that represents their hometown. And this is my tribute to that well the Hungry-man version. They would probably say that this doesn’t compare but it is hard for me to deconstruct my burger and see it in that light so this will have to do. Also the maple syrup came from a Sutter that probably doesn’t even know I have it. And by chance if she ever finds out I do I would like to propose a trade. I will trade you some of my candles for more syrup. Here is a sample picture of 1% of my collection.

That’s over 100 right there. And yes I know I am a weirdo for having a candle collection. Oh, and a picture of the syrup I so desire.

Yummy. Well I’m done for this burger. It’s going to be a staple burger in my land of burgers. ( Who says retarded shit like this ). FIN.